UPC Card

The UPC card identifies you as a member of the university community (students, PDI, PAS) or as a member of the UPC Group, it is digital and available from the UPC App.

In addition, the UPC App incorporates other services depending on the membership group: relevant notices and notifications, academic record, class and exam schedule, institutional mail, ...


Download the UPC App at:

Apple Store 
Google Play


If you need to access buildings, make time stamps or use the reprography service, you will need an access card.


What is the UPC Card used for?


  • It identifies you as a member of the UPC university community, and allows you to enjoy discounts and advantages and all this simply with your mobile, and without carrying any other document with you.
  • It allows you access to the UPC libraries, and to some of its services (loan of booksellers, tablets, games,...).


How do I get the Card?

To obtain the digital card you must be registered in the UPC identity and have a photograph. The registration in the identity is automatic at the time of formalizing the registration, or hiring.

The photo can be uploaded from this link.


Download the UPC app and you will now have your digital card.

Access card

The access card incorporates an RFID chip that links the person who carries it and allows them to authenticate themselves to access buildings and car parks, make time stamps and use the reprography service. It is necessary to have a photograph in our MyID space.

The PDI and PAS of new incorporation that need it, can request it, accessing gClauer in a period of approximately one week, they will receive it at the workplace.

The rest of the groups: students, guests, staff of the UPC group and related entities and staff linked to the UPC, can make the request by contacting a User Service Point.

People who currently have the physical UPC card can continue to use it with all the functionalities. When it is damaged or lost, it will be replaced by an access card.

If you need the card immediately, contact and they will be able to provide a temporary access card.