Types of service and how to request them


Polymers and plastics

A large part of the research equipment of the research groups on polymers may be made available for outside studies. The experts can offer services of characterization of polymers, plastics, elastomers, fibres and biopolymers; polymer additives; degradation and deterioration studies; analysis of paints; chemical synthesis and polymerization; studies of bioproperties and pharmacologic activity and many other areas.



The department has a wide range of techniques for carrying out all kinds of environmental studies, from chemical or physical-chemical analyses to projects on purification and pollutant-elimination systems. The most common studies are analysis of water pollutants, analysis of atmospheric pollution, contamination of soil, land and underground water, environmental audits, design of water-treatment systems, forest-fire prevention studies, recovery of waste and advice on waste management.


Chemical processes

Within the classical subjects of chemical engineering, a large group of lecturers provides chemical technology services to specialized industries in all of its branches. This includes design of chemical plants, analysis of industrial risk, fire studies, chemical reactors, catalysis, modelling of separation operations, supercritical extraction or fermentation in pilot plants.



The services relating to biotechnology range from structural characterization of biomolecules (DNA, enzymes, proteins) to pre-industrial fermentation processes. Services also include purification of proteins, enzymology studies, drug modelling and food-technology studies.


Other services

These include services to the textile industry, corrosion, nanotechnology, analysis of artistic heritage, aquifers, etc.