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Structure of courses

Chemical Process Engineering (RD 778/1998)

The structure of the doctoral programmes established in accordance with Royal Decree 778/1998 is based on credits. Each credit is equivalent to 10 hours of classes and a total of 32 credits must be obtained, in two successive phases:

  1. Teaching phase: 20 credits corresponding to courses and seminars
  2. Research phase: 12 credits corresponding to supervised research work and the doctoral thesis project
These credits can be obtained over two academic years. Subjects can be taught during the first term (October-January) or second term (March-June). Students then begin writing their thesis. The duration of the doctoral programme for full-time students is set at four years.


Polymers and Biopolymers (Adaptat a l’EEES)

These courses are regulated by Royal Decree 1393/2007 and are adapted to the educational system of the European Higher Education Area.

The training period (first year) must be completed within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Polymers and Biopolymers (60 ECTS credits) or equivalent courses. Students then enter the research period (approximately three years) in which they must prepare a doctoral thesis project that must be evaluated as satisfactory in order to write their thesis.