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Process of reading a thesis

Information about the process of reading a thesis :

Summary of the process for reading a doctoral thesis :

When the thesis supervisor considers that the research carried out is ready for public defence, the doctoral student must provide the department secretary with the following documents (the standard forms can be found on the Doctorate Office website):
  • Authorization of the thesis supervisor to submit the thesis (ADT form). If the thesis supervisor is not from the department, the authorization of the tutor will also be required.
  • An abstract of the thesis (maximum 4000 characters) in Catalan or Spanish, and English (ResumTesi form). The abstract must be submitted on paper (signed by the doctoral student) and on an electronic file.
  • Two bound copies of the thesis. These copies will be sent to the external doctors so that they can draft a preliminary report prior to submission, in order to improve the quality of the final document.
  • Proposed examination panel. The thesis supervisor shall propose to the department a list of seven doctors who are experts on the subject to form part of the panel (T form).

The department secretary (provided the thesis has been positively evaluated by the programme’s academic committee) shall send the thesis report to two doctors who are experts on the subject of the thesis so that they can review it and make any observations they deem appropriate (standardized IE document only if not opting for the European mention). These two doctors must be external to the department. The thesis supervisor may propose the names of the two specialists. Any comments or observations made by these specialists shall be communicated to the doctoral student. If both reports are positive and the programme’s academic committee considers the thesis to be satisfactory, processing of the thesis shall be authorized.

In order to submit the thesis, as well as the above documentation, the doctoral student must submit the following to the Doctorate Office:
  • Application for thesis submission fee.
  • Two further copies of the thesis that incorporate, where applicable, the comments or observations of the two external
  • doctors who have reviewed the thesis. At least one copy must include, inside the cover, a page containing an official examination results form (TD results form). These copies are for submission of the thesis (one to the vice- rector’s office and the other to the department).
  • The thesis in pdf format, divided into chapters.
  • The reports issued by the referees.
  • The budget of the examination panel and the acceptance of each member of the panel, together with their CVs, if necessary (this will be arranged by the department secretary).
  • The degree certificate (not the proof of application), and a photocopy.
  • Valid national identity document for Spanish students or a passport for foreign students, and a photocopy.

European Mention in the title of doctor :

For doctoral students who meet the requisites for opting for the Mention of European Doctor, the required documents vary slightly.
The following documents are also required:
  • Application for Mention of European Doctor (DE form)
  • An original certification of the stay of at least three months in a higher-education institution of the European Union.
  • Two favourable reports by doctors from two higher-education institutions of the European Union. There is no official format for issuing these reports but they must be written (and stamped) on the official paper of each institution. These reports may serve as preliminary reports prior to submission of the thesis instead of the IE models.
The requirements for opting for this mention can be found in Chapter II of the regulations.

Submission of the thesis :

When all this documentation has been provided, the thesis will be submitted to the vice- rector's office for a period of 15 teaching days following payment of the submission fee. The entire UPC community will be notified of the submission (via the department website and the doctorate website) so that it may be examined by any doctor who so wishes.
After this period, if no observations have been made, the Doctoral Committee shall authorize the reading of the thesis and appoint the panel to assess it. 

Designation of the examination panel :

When the examination panel has been appointed, the chairperson shall give notification of the defence of the thesis; the secretary of the panel shall notify the Doctoral Committee (, the doctoral student and the department secretary ( at least ten calendar days in advance.


The department secretary shall send a copy of the thesis to each member of the panel and to two substitute members, together with the notification of appointment.


The seven copies of the thesis shall be provided by the doctoral student. Doctoral students who have studied a doctoral programme of the department (not an interdepartmental programme) may apply for a grant of €150 for printing and/or binding the copies of the thesis (write to

fletxa adalt

Reading of the thesis :

A minimum of 41 days must elapse between payment of the submission fee and the reading of the thesis (51 days in the event of observations).


As a general rule, the language in which the thesis is written is the language used in the defence of the thesis (Catalan, Spanish or English). For other languages or if opting for the Mention of European Doctor, see the regulations or check with the department secretary.


The UPC Doctoral Committee may suspend authorization of the reading, due to serious circumstances, up until immediately before the defence and public reading of the thesis.

After the public defence of the thesis

The doctoral student shall apply for the title of Doctor from the Doctorate Office, providing the following:

  • Application form (SolTitol form).
Doctoral students are strongly advised to sign a contract to publish the doctoral thesis with the UPC. This contract means that the thesis can be made available in digital format and examined remotely via the TDX server, thereby increasing the repercussion and dissemination of the thesis. The rights, obligations and other aspects such as intellectual property, etc. are described in the contract agreement that you can find on the doctorate website (TDX form, CDU form).


Once the thesis has been improved and before starting employment or taking part in any postdoctoral research, the doctoral student is also advised to apply to the Doctorate Office for an official academic certificate containing their full record and acknowledgment that their title of doctor is being processed.

Advertiment :

This text is a summary of the full reading process which you will find described on the UPC doctorate website. In the event of any doubts regarding interpretation, the regulations of the UPC shall take preference.


If no observations are made on the thesis, the estimated time from the moment in which the thesis is submitted until a date can be set for the reading is 50 calendar days.