Centre for Technological Risk Studies :

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CERTEC  carries out research and training programs related to different aspects related to risk and safety:


  • We study the technological risk in the industry by carrying out different types of projects: mathematical modeling of serious accidents, fires, explosions, toxic clouds, transportation of hazardous materials, accident studies in the industry, etc.
  • We also carry out advanced research in the field of forest fires by developing scientific and technological solutions for cost-effective and sustainable fire management: infrared fire monitoring systems, prediction of fire-fighting behavior, impact studies of fire at the urban-forest interface, etc.
  • In addition, we develop projects in the field of fire protection engineering with a cost-effective approach, performing numerical simulations of fire scenarios in different types of establishments.
  • We also carry out an important training task, participating in the organization of courses, seminars and seminars. 
  • Investigate accidents for insurance companies, companies or courts.


Some of these activities take place within the framework of international collaboration, others for administration and others for companies. We have intense international relations, embodied in joint research projects and exchange programs for researchers and students.

Relevant equipment :

Experimental facility for studying and characterizing hydrocarbon fires with the following :

  • Measurement of speed of combustion.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Radiometers with restricted vision.
  • Infrared thermography system (Agema Thermovision 570).
  • Measurement of meteorological variables by means of a Davis Instruments meteorological station and a data-acquisition.

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Facility for small-scale experimentation with forest fires :

Installation designed and built for the study of fire jets and the domino effect that they can cause in other adjacent pipes. It allows to work in different conditions of pressure, using as propane fuel.

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