Centre for Processes and Environmental Engineering :

This centre carries out research, development and innovation and integrates the study, simulation and optimization of chemical processes and sustainability. Its work is therefore aimed at achieving improvements in the design and management of production systems that lead to the rationalization of the use of resources, improved efficiency in processes and the minimization of environmental impact.

The work and objectives of CEPIMA are currently focused on a double line of action :

Integration and intensification of processes :

This covers optimal design and operation following multiple-goal criteria (productivity, safety, logistics, financial management, environmental impact, reliability, customer service, etc.), taking into account different levels of detail. The group also develops intelligent decision support systems (DSS) for real-time online operations (management and coordination of production resources, production planning, process supervision and control, error detection and diagnostics, providing for and managing uncertainty, etc.).

Management and recovery of waste :

Management and recovery of biomass, tires, solid urban waste, sludge from water treatment plants, etc., using thermal treatment and energy recovery, allowing for appropriate environmental control (combustion, gasification/co-gasification and pyrolysis).

Relevant equipment :

CEPIMA has the following equipment and facilities, which are used both in their research projects and to provide services to companies and institutions :
  • Pressurized thermal balance (thermogravimetric analysis).
  • Equipment for monitoring and analysing gases in industrial facilities and urban areas. Pilot gasification plant.
  • Pilot waste gasification plant. Pilot hot-gas scrubbing plant. 
  • Pilot plant for cleaning of hot gases.
  • Pilot plant for developing and verifying decision support and control systems (process CIM).
  • Software (proprietary or licensed): simulation and control of processes, planning and management of production and dispersal of gases, etc. 

Planta pilot de gasificació

Pilot gasification plant

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CEPIMA joined forces with the research group NEMEM in order to establish the SGR group, ENCORE