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It is oriented towards the preparation, characterization and evaluation of heterogeneous catalysts for fundamental research and industrial application. From the fundamental viewpoint, new catalysts are designed aimed at deciphering the relationship between catalytic performance and catalyst structure to precisely identify the nature of the active sites and their behavior.

To that end it is important to carry out spectroscopic and microscopic experiments under in situ conditions, which are performed in the lab of the research group (LACE-EEBE), the Barcelona research center in multiscale science and engineering (EEBE), and ALBA synchrotron.

Concerning the industrial application, we both design custom-made catalysts and catalytic devices and develop reactor engineering. We use conventional catalytic wall reactors (ceramic and metallic honeycomb structures and/or plates), microreactors, catalytic membrane reactors, as well as the new opportunities offered by 3D printing techniques.

The reactions are targeted mainly towards energy and environmental uses. Regarding energy applications, we work intensively in the catalytic and photocatalytic generation of hydrogen as a future fuel to feed fuel cells as well as in the generation of synthetic fuels. Concerning environmental applications, we work mainly with atmospheric contaminants, such as CO, VOCs and soot as well as in the valorization of CO2 and waste abatement.

Relevant equipment :

  • Gas chromatograph GC.
  • Micro-gas chromatographs.
  • Mass spectrometers.
  • Chemisorption equipment and thermal programmed treatments.
  • Batch and continuous reaction benches.
  • Catalytic membrane reactors.
  • Microreactors.
  • Photoreactors and microphotoreactors UV-Vis-IR.
  • Infrared spectrometer with in situ transmission cell and DRIFT.
  • 3D printers for ceramic materials.

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NEMEM joined forces with the research group CEPIMA in order to establish the SGR group,  ENCORE