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Environment Centre Laboratory :

imatge lcma 1The group works on the design of methodologies in the area of atmospheric environment applied to the real evaluation of air quality (indoor-outdoor air) in urban areas (VOC-HAP), monitoring of episodes of smells with identification of the compounds responsible and their origin, creation of territorial planning tools, drafting of maps showing impact and concentration of pollutants, and measurement of the impact of activities by means of chemical monitoring and computer modelling. Equipment is being developed in the same field for monitoring volatile organic compounds; this equipment is aimed at monitoring air quality and its integration as part of public participation in recording short- and long-duration episodes of smells.

Relevant equipment :

Identification and quantification of air pollutants :

Thermal desorption unit connected to a gas chromatograph with mass spectrometry detector for identifying and quantifying air pollutants (screening) (DT-GC/MS).

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Determination of sulphur compounds, organic compounds and permanent gases :

Gas chromatograph with flame photometry detector for determining sulphur compounds and a thermal conductivity detector for determining organic compounds and permanent compounds (GC/TCD, GC/FPD).

Continuous analyzer for carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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VOC capture system :

VOC capture units fitted with multibed adsorbent systems and remote operation by RF and cellphone.

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