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Centre for Technological Risk Studies :

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This group works in the area of research and training in the different fields of technological risk and environmental impact by means of mathematical modelling of serious accidents, fires, explosions, toxic clouds, transport of hazardous goods, accidental environmental impact, accident studies in industry, etc.

The main lines of research are the study of hydrocarbon fires, modelling of serious accidents, analysis of risk in the transport of hazardous goods, analysis of the environmental situation in maritime ports and the study of forest fires.

Some of these programmes are carried out with international cooperation, some by government authorities and others by companies. The group also has strong international relations that result in joint research projects and exchange programmes for researchers and students.

Relevant equipment :

Experimental facility for studying and characterizing hydrocarbon fires with the following :

  • Measurement of speed of combustion.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Radiometers with restricted vision.
  • Infrared thermography system (Agema Thermovision 570).
  • Measurement of meteorological variables by means of a Davis Instruments meteorological station and a data-acquisition.

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Facility for small-scale experimentation with forest fires :

Since late 2002, CERTEC has had a medium-scale facility for experimenting with forest fires; the facility is unprecedented in Catalonia and Spain and was designed to study the efficacy of fire retardants. It has a burning area of 5 m and is fitted with different equipment for measuring and monitoring different characteristics of fires (thermographic camera, network of thermocouples and radiometers, automatic retardant-dispersal guide).

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