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Ph.D. Research Fellowships

The DEW Laboratory Research Group at URV

is offering to carry out a PhD thesisin the field of electrospray technology

Ph.D. Research Fellowships

The fellowship's recipients will participate in the project Production of homogeneous particles by controlled neutralization of electrosprays

Experimental and computational methodologies will be used to designand test strategies for neutralizing electros prays, and for controlling the transport of the droplets away from the spray. The objective is to significantly charge- reduce, or even neutralize, a large fraction of the droplets,in order to avoid their Coulombic instability and to extract them from the spray region as droplets or particles.



•Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering or similar.
•Experience in scientific laboratory and/or with a scientific programming language.
•Good written and oral English skills.


We are seeking candidates for two doctoral student positions: one is a URV scholarship (Martí Franquès Research Fellowship Programme 2016)


and the other is a Spanish Government scholarship (Ayudas para Contratos Predoctorales para la Formación de Doctores 201)


The calls for these will be open soon. You can also contact us directly at http://www.etseq.urv.es/dew