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Conference/Seminar: Design and Optimization of Pharmaceutical Products and Processes: Challenges and Opportunities

Place: EEBE, I0.1 (Building I, "Sala Polivalente")
Date/Time: Thursday, June 06, 12:30

A Perspective on the Impact of Model Uncertainty Quantification in Process Systems Engineering

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Rossi

The analysis and quantification of model unertainty is an essential component of advanced process design, monitoring and optimization techniques, spanning stochastic steady-state/dynamic optimization, robust state estimation, hazard prediction and prevention, predictive maintenance and quantitative risk assessment. In addition, quantitative uncertainty analysis also finds application in interdisciplinary research areas, such as product design, drug delivery and computational biology, which have recently attracted the attention of both academia and industry.

The material covered in this talk shows that the systematic use of model uncertainty quantification within computational frameworks for solving chemical and pharmaceutical engineering problems may offer substantial economic benefits, improve process resilience and reliability, and reduce the probability of safety incidents. In addition, it may also increase the effectiveness of models and extend their application domain. Therefore, quantitative uncertainty analysis is expected to become one of the backbones of process systems engineering in the near futur.